Deepfakes extend the idea of video compositing with deep learning to make someone appear to say or do something they didn’t really say or do

Deepfakes are media — often video but sometimes audio — that were created, altered, or synthesized with the aid of deep learning to attempt to deceive some viewers or listeners into believing a false event or false message.

Deepfakes extend the idea of video (or movie) compositing, which has been done for decades. Significant video skills, time, and equipment go into video compositing; video deepfakes require much less skill, time (assuming you have GPUs), and equipment, although they are often unconvincing to careful observers.

How to create deepfakes

Originally, deepfakes relied on autoencoders, a type of unsupervised neural network, and many still do. Some…

There’s a lot of wishful thinking in “The Value of Open Source in the Cloud Era,” a recent IBM-commissioned O’Reilly Media survey.

For example, there’s the finding that 70% of the more than 3,400 respondents “prefer cloud providers based on open source.” This sounds great until you ask, “What does it mean to be “based on open source?” After all, every single software product in existence arguably fits that description. And then there’s the finding that 79% turn to open source in the cloud because it somehow prevents vendor lock-in.

But buried in all that open source feel-goodism, there was…

If you’re a developer today, odds are you’ve learned Git, the version control system at the heart of modern software workflows. You know the basics — how repositories work, how to create branches and commit changes, and how to merge those changes and pull requests.

But now that you know the basics, it’s time to level up a little — to take advantage of some of the more powerful features of Git in your workflow. Here are five advanced Git features to make part of your current and future dev efforts.

Simplify commit histories with git rebase

When you have two branches in a project (e.g…

More and more companies are turning to Apache Spark to run big SQL databases. Here is what you need to know about it.

Apache Spark defined

Apache Spark is a data processing framework that can quickly perform processing tasks on very large data sets, and can also distribute data processing tasks across multiple computers, either on its own or in tandem with other distributed computing tools. These two qualities are key to the worlds of big data and machine learning, which require the marshalling of massive computing power to crunch through large data stores. …

From simple shortcuts to expert-level configuration changes, turn to these power tips to get the most out of Microsoft’s open source programming editor.

Even without the oodles of extensions that make Visual Studio Code a power tool for every developer, Microsoft’s open source programming editor is loaded with nifty features by default. However, some of these useful features are not obvious, even to seasoned users. And with each new release of VS Code, more handy features get rolled in — often remaining below the waterline.

Here I’ve listed six useful Visual Studio Code capabilities that you might not be aware of. Most will appeal to developers of all levels of VS Code expertise, from the newcomer to the seasoned vet.

Type to find any Visual Studio Code command

Want to find…

With Black History Month in full swing, I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight seven black programers that may not be found in many history texts. These individuals have helped to pave the way for the future of software development and deserve to be praised.

John Henry Thompson

Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have proven to us that we can trust them with our personal data. Now it’s time to reward that trust by giving them complete control over our computers, coffee makers, and cars.

Allow me to introduce you to “edge” computing.

Edge is a buzzword. Like “IoT” and “cloud” before it, edge means everything and nothing. But I’ve been watching some industry experts on YouTube, listening to some podcasts, and even, on occasion, reading articles on the topic. …

Sets in Python help to organize collections of unique objects. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful feature in your own code.

Python as some great data types that make is great to use, but sets are often overlooked. Set are a powerful tool that can be used to make orderly code where each object of unique to a collection, while still working at with the efficiency and speed of Python’s dictionaries.


Sets have syntex that looks alot like that of dictionaries

my_set = {1,2,3,4}

The similarities between sets and dictionaries is no coincidence. From the outside sets can be thought of as dictionaries without value pairs. …

For anybody who has set up Redux in React you know that it is a great state management tool that can be a pain to begin. The boilerplate provided does not provide a clear path for the data flow of your application. When all is said and done you you feel left asking “Isn’t this supposed to make my life easier?”

Well, like most of us, I enjoy the simplicity the hooks provide us with. So why haven’t more of us been adapting the use of hooks like useSelector and useDispatch.

As I began my journey into software development, I came across Agile manifesto. The manifesto sets out a set of guidelines for developing a sustainable application.

The four key components are as follow:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Valuing people above the processes or tools is easy to understand because it is the people who respond to business needs and drive the development process. If the process or the tools drive development, the team is less responsive to change and less likely to meet customer needs. Communication is an example of the difference between valuing individuals versus process. In the case of individuals, communication is…

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